The Exploro approach



One Basin Approach

Exploro Toolkits provide a unique and consistent geological framework, continuous interpretations through basins and across country borders. This has been achieved by creating our high-quality geological model within a chronostratigraphic framework combining interpretations of wells and seismic.

Integrated approach

Integration in Exploro Toolkits is fundamental in our approach to achieving high-quality regional geological frameworks. Integration occurs in all direction, between fields disciplines, obtained results and regions. 

Multidisciplinary approach

Our experts have a multidisciplinary background and integrate all forms of geological data in an iterative manner with each other. This goes for both our products and our services. We have had very good feedback from our customers that we solve the challenges in a cost effective way with high quality results, They are especially impressed with the integration of available data and how we solve them using multiple disciplines. 

Evergreen projects

Exploro’s Toolkits are continuously evolving. Products are improved: analyses are revisited and updated periodically, new available data, innovative methods and improved geological understanding are continuously implemented to increase the quality of our products, and enlarge their applicability.

Easy to Use

Exploro’s Toolkits are available in multiple platforms, with standardised templates and workflows that facilitate ease of use.



Exploro focuses much of its resources on R&D and innovative methods to improve the quality of our products. E.g. Exploro has recently finished an analysis linking source rock with oil and gas by the use of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR). This allows us to say which source rock supplied a reservoir with its contents.


Structured database

Exploro’s massive database is structured and contextualised in consistent manner. This provides geologic consistency across the entire basin. Because of its consistency the well database can easily be used in machine learning projects to gain further insight. Exploro utilizes its own in-house routine to digitalise data and perform quality control.

Exploro offices

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