Who we are

Exploro is an independent, privately-owned, geological and geophysical business founded in 2005. Exploro is leading the way in integrated Geological and Geophysical services and multiclient products for NW Europe. Exploro has recently launched ToolkitLIVE, which is a subscription based E&P product covering everything from early phase screening through to exploration and business development. 

Exploro carries out highly specialized consulting services ranging from initial screening through to licensing applications, maturing prospects, drill decisions, as well as maturing discoveries to FID.

Together with our trusted partners, Exploro covers the complete life cycle from discovery through production and decommissioning. 


Why Exploro

Exploro’s services and products support a diverse range of E&P companies, geophysical contractors and governmental agencies. Understanding geological processes and the evolution of the subsurface is the key to unlock hydrocarbon resources. Exploro’s products are well known for the high quality and the integration of disiplines, making them the ulitmate tool for Exploration and business development.

Exploro solves exploration challenges with a multidisciplinary approach and deliver the most complete geological understanding for prospect screening and evaluation.


Mission & Vision

Exploro Geoservices is the geological and geophysical knowledge company that creates value for our clients through our services and products.

Exploro ́s main resource is our people. Our staff is highly qualified and unique. Together we help our clients achieve greatness. During the last decade we have developed ToolkitLIVE, which is the most comprehensive knowledge database for petroleum exploration and business development in NW Europe. Bundled with our services we make a true difference!


Exploro is committed to adopting a best practice approach to the management of Health, Safety and Environment in the workplace and providing safe systems of work for all employees, contractors and suppliers. Exploro is registered with The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association’s Magnet JQS and have been audited by them. 

Exploro offices

Trondheim Headquarters

Innherredsveien 7 B
7014 Trondheim


Strandveien 15
1366 Lysaker


Grenseveien 21                                                                                                        4313 Sandnes                                                                                                Norway




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