Dr. Tomas Kjennerud

Dr. Tomas Kjennerud


25+years of industry experience

Tomas founded Exploro in 2005

PhD Petroleum Geology (NTNU),
MSc Petroleum Geology (NTNU)

Dr. Laura Marello

Dr. Laura Marello

EVP Exploration

15+ years of industry experience

 Laura is responsible for ToolkitLIVE

PhD Petroleum Geophysics (NTNU),

MSc Marine Geology (University of Trieste)

Bjørn Seeland

Bjørn Seeland


15+ years of industry experience

Bjørn is responsible for business development and marketing of Exploro products and services.

 MSc Petroleum Geoscience (NTNU)

Harald Østby

Harald Østby

EVP Subsurface

25 years of industry experience

Harald is responsible for data acquisition and consulting

MSc petroleum geology (NTNU)

Our Staff

Exploro employees are highly skilled with over 50% having PhDs in geology and geophysics (all others at MSc-level).  Expertise spans the full geoscience spectrum.

Exploro’s team has experience and profound knowledge of the petroleum plays on the NCS and UKCS, and we have been involved in all bid rounds in Norway for the last 20 years. This has resulted in a strong track record of increasing assets, with more than 100 license awards for our clients.

Global Experience

Exploro has run and contributed to projects around the world, so we are used to different geological settings and cultures.

The Exploro staff is international, has a diverse background, education and vast international E&P experience. Each Exploro employee brings their own uniqueness that adds to the collective experience.

Exploro is keen to develop individual’s competences and to create a good company atmosphere. We offer a good working environment with challenging assignments and we hold a yearly geologic excursion.



Exploro offices

Trondheim Headquarters

Innherredsveien 7 B
7014 Trondheim


Strandveien 30
1366 Lysaker


Grenseveien 21                                                                                                        4313 Sandnes                                                                                                Norway



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