Exploro provides a large range of services from single discipline consultants and business development advisors to complete outsourced exploration departments for oil companies

Seismic interpretation

  • Seismostratigraphy

  • Volcanics, salt and mobilised sediments

  • Faults and structural interpretation

  • Seismic facies interpretation

Integrated Sedimentology

  • Well Database
  • Core log
  • Depositional modelling – clastic and carbonate
  • Facies maps
  • Palaeobathymetric/structural reconstruction
  • Petrophysics interpretation
  • Post well analysis
  • Lithology asessment
  • Erosion estimation

Petroleum Systems Model & Analysis

  • Temperature / Pressure
  • Source and Reservoir model
  • Maturation and generation
  • Migration and accumulation
  • Resource estimation vs proven reserves
  • Common Risk segment models


  • source rock , reservoir rock, oils and gas analysis
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) analysis
  • Oil to source correlation

License work

  • Screening work
  • Prospect generation
  • License application and further work
  • License management


  • Seismic Database
  • Seismic attribute analysis
  • Velocity modelling
  • Gravity and magnetics modelling

Business development assistance

Data Room work from hosting to execution peer-review for clients, as well as third party valuations of prospects, portfolios or entire companies.

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