Exploro provides a large range of services from single discipline consultants and business development advisors to complete outsourced exploration departments for oil companies

Seismic interpretation

  • Seismostratigraphy

  • Volcanics, salt and mobilised sediments

  • Faults and structural interpretation

  • Seismic facies interpretation

Integrated Sedimentology

  • Well Database
  • Field and core description and mapping

  • Depositional modelling – clastic and carbonate
  • Facies mapping of source rocks, seals and  reservoirs

  • Palaeobathymetric/structural reconstruction
  • Sequence stratigraphy

  • Petrophysical interpretation
  • Post well analysis
  • Lithology asessment
  • Erosion estimation

Structural Geology

  • Field and core description and mapping
  • Seismic mapping of fault systems on all scales

  •  Stress and strain analysis

  • Structural reconstructions and backstripping

  • Palaeobathymetry and relief reconstruction

  • Fault seal analysis

Risking and volumetrics

  • Play risk
  • Prospect risk (geological and commercial) 
  • Deterministic volumes

  • Stochastic volumes

Petroleum Systems Model & Analysis

  • 3D modelling
  • Heat-flow
  • Temperature and Pressure
  • Source and Reservoir model
  • Hydrocarbon maturation and generation
  • Hydrocarbon migration and accumulation
  • Hydrocarbon phase
  • Resource estimation vs proven reserves
  • Common Risk segment models


  • source rock , reservoir rock, oils and gas analysis using classic geochemistry 
  • Proprietary NMR method for analysing oils                                          (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance)
  • Biodegratation, oil quality and oil populations 
  • Oil to source correlation

License work

  • Screening work
  • Prospect generation
  • License application and further work
  • License management
  • Providing common database 


  • Seismic Database
  • Seismic survey design and acquisition
  • Seismic processing
  • Seismic attribute analysis
  • Seismic data analysis
  • Velocity modelling
  • Inversion
  • Gravity and magnetics modelling

Business development 

  • Third party (competent person ́s report) valuations of prospects, assets, portfolios or entire companies
  • Hosting and executing data-rooms
  •  Peer review

    Data Room work from hosting to execution peer-review for clients, as well as third party valuations of prospects, portfolios, or entire companies. Exploro has the most extensive geological database and interpretations for both the NCS and UKCS and can use the data to quickly evaluate a prospect for farm in, or an entire company’s assets for possible mergers. Our highly experienced team is ready to assist. Contact us today to learn how we can contribute to you needs.

License applications and work

  • From contributing single services, providing common databases to performing all work and running the license Hosting and executing data-room
  • Bringing the license to Drill or drop, and FID, etc 
  • From contributing single services to performing all work and writing complete applications



Project Management

  • Project management on all scales from round applications through to seismic acquisitions, licences, departments and entire companies

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