Revolutionizing Offshore Exploration: Ghana Saltpond Basin’s 3D Seismic Survey and Licensing Round

ACCRA, GHANA — Exploro, in collaboration with the Petroleum Commission of Ghana, is set to embark on an exclusive 3D seismic survey in the Saltpond Basin, heralding a new phase in Ghana’s offshore exploration efforts. This initiative, aligning with the upcoming licensing round, is aimed at unlocking the rich petroleum potential of this underexplored basin.


Unlocking the Saltpond Basin’s Potential

Located in shallow waters, the Saltpond Basin is recognized for its proven petroleum prospects and proximity to the prolific Tano – Cape Three Points Western Basin. Despite its promising location, the basin remains underexplored, with limited seismic data available. The upcoming 9000 km² 3D seismic survey intends to shed light on the basin’s structural traps and stacked reservoirs, potentially transforming the region’s energy landscape.


Strategic Exploration and Investment Opportunity

The survey’s timing, designed to coincide with the licensing round, presents a unique opportunity for investors and explorers. By providing detailed data on the basin’s geological features, Exploro and the Petroleum Commission of Ghana aim to de-risk exploration activities, making the Saltpond Basin an attractive prospect for global energy stakeholders.


About Exploro and the Petroleum Commission of Ghana

Exploro leads in seismic exploration technology, offering insights that drive informed exploration and development decisions. The Petroleum Commission of Ghana, as the regulatory body, ensures the sustainable management of Ghana’s petroleum resources, promoting investment and growth in the sector.

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